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Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is changing everyday and we see new trends to keep up with the competition. We will discuss one such trends thats been effective and has arguably had one of the biggest impacts on digital marketing services. Artificial Intelligence has touched many aspects of our lives be it social, economic or political. In today’s blog, we will discuss a bit about how AI is turning out to be an effective digital marketing technology.

Simply put, AI is enabling a computer to think and carry out certain tasks like a human would. This makes technology intuitive, and make our work faster, easier, and in some cases more cost effective.

The most common example, of AI in digital marketing, is personalized ads. You must have noticed how ads pop-up, on websites you explore, that recommend products based on your search history and/or purchases you have made in the past. Here AI has the ability to process your preferences from your online activity and suggest products and services relevant to you. YouTube and Amazon have been using such algorithms for a long time to make personalized suggestions. This allows marketers to target the right customers in a more effective way.

Programmatic Advertising, that basically uses AI, to target customers and optimize your advertising, ends up saving you a lot of money. Computers analyse consumer behaviour and preferences and choose to target the right customers with the relevant marketing content. Not only that, AI can place the right type of ads at the right places by automated buying and selling of online ad spaces. This can lead to a higher conversion rate giving you the best value for your advertising budget. The same can be done for all email marketing content. AI can personalize emails through content, product recommendations and even design. These can be very tedious tasks to do manually which can be left to AI.

Another way of making AI work for you is Chatbots. Chatbots are run by AI software that can simulate a conversation with the customer or user. AI can extract relevant information from the chat and make sense of the user’s query to provide an appropriate response. Most service-oriented companies are using direct messaging services on their websites and social media pages. But manned messaging services are difficult to run round the clock, especially if you are on a budget. Enter AI. Not only can chatbots streamline queries for customer service agents, they can work 24×7, making your brand more accessible to the customer anytime.

Talking about brand accessibility, we can’t ignore the growing use of voice search among customers. Voice powered AI like Siri, Google, Cortana and Alexa have made online information on-the-go more accessible. Voice search greatly differs from the conventional SERPs as it is not typed but spoken. “Your brand needs to have its own agents that can talk directly to customers and to converse across multiple digital assistants.” This is what Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, said about voice search. So, it is no surprise why digital marketers are trying to incorporate the use of voice search in SEO and content strategies to make AI work as a brand ambassador.

Developing content and SEO strategies can be a time-consuming job. We are living in an era of content overload and it can often be overwhelming to analyse a large amount of data and content. Generating and placing the right content and also choosing and collaborating with the right content developers can be quite a task. Now there are tools available that put AI to use for all these chores freeing up company resources to do other more creative jobs.

It is undeniable that Artificial Intelligence is the future of marketing. Developers are finding new and interesting ways of integrating AI in more and more existing technologies. Soon, you may find even off-line appliances and gadgets being powered by AI which will be put to good use by digital marketers.

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