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Top Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Updated: Mar 12

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing that involves endorsements and product suggestions from influencers, an individual or organization. They have a strong following and/or social influence and fans in their respective fields.

It is gaining momentum in India with 72 percent of brands looking to their budget for influencer marketing in 2020.

According to a survey conducted by Talkwalker and Social Samosa that consisted of 800 respondents and included PR professionals and brand marketers, 75 percent respondents look at influencer marketing as an important or top strategic priority.

The report also revealed that 32 percent of respondents spend between Rs 1,00,000 and Rs 10,00,000 on influencer marketing every year, and 24 percent spend over Rs 10,00,000. In addition, influencer marketing provides a higher ROI (return on investment) compared to other channels.

But why do brands collaborate with influencers?

The report noted that most brands collaborate with influencers in order to gain visibility. Close to 56 percent of the respondents believe that the main objective of an influencer program is brand visibility. The next most popular response was direct leads/product purchases at 17 percent.

1. Influencer Marketing Builds Trust

Influencers have their fans and becomes easy to built relationships, trust, and credibility with them. The audience respect the content and recommendations coming from them.

By sharing an influencer’s content, you’ll soon gain their attention and they’ll begin sharing yours, putting your message in front of an actively engaged audience.

2. Brand Awareness

With the existing fan club, Influencer marketing can greatly expand your reach and positioning online. Social users will begin to know more about your brand, your story, who you are, and the solutions you offer.

The key to maximizing Influencer strategy is ensuring that you’re providing valuable content that adds to their social media presence also, ensuring value on both sides.

3. Fulfill Your Content Strategy

To avoid the gaps in your content schedule, you may use influencer content.

This is helpful when you’ve run out of content ideas or simply need some quality content to publish on your social media channels.

4. Effectively Reaches Your Target Audience

It takes time to create followers, through relevant influencers, your content is placed in front of social users already interested in the same areas. You can save time and money in research to understand your audience.

5. Value proposition for Your Audience

Delivering content that solves problems, educates and inspires your intended audience. Influencer marketing embraces this concept, as influencers are already in tune with the needs and likes of their audience.

Hence, you can easily leverage their content to give value to your audience.

6. Builds Winning Partnerships

Connecting and engaging with an influencer can be very powerful. Its a platform and opportunity to use and benefit each other with the common audience.


Influencer marketing can be incredibly beneficial for startup brands or those that have been struggling in gaining traction in their social media marketing.

With a clear understanding of how influencer marketing can accelerate your online goals, you can commit to implementing your first campaign quickly to experience these results in your business.

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